Difference In OEM Switch Chargers?

Hopefully it’s not too hard to see in the pictures but there are pins “missing” in one OEM charger compared to another. Does anybody know why this might be? The reason I’m wondering is because the charger with the “full” set of pins is continuously frying the M9 ic on a particular switch I have while the other isn’t. The switch pro controller cable also has some pins missing like the first image and that charges just fine.

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I wonder if this explains why some switch boards have those added 7C diodes? The switches that ship with the lower quality charger have the added circuitry? Also just to clarify, you’re saying the charger with less pins is produced by Delta and is the higher quality charger?

Interesting idea and a possibility but I think the removal of these diodes (and others elewhere on the board) was just a cost cutting exercise, they are on a lot of the early rev boards. Strong indications that the design of the original model Switch was rushed as a whole and they likely ran out of time in testing in order to get it to market and went belt and braces in terms of protection etc

Not sure I have the two different brand plugs anymore but Delta are a pretty big PSU manufacturer and typically well designed and good quality, I’d guess their version has all pins populated (even if the majority are NC)… that being said, there’s no reason that Nintendo wouldn’t/couldn’t specify or request Delta to use less to reduce costs further, so it’s entirely possible another rev Delta rev is out with additional unused pins removed or the chance of one coming out in the future

Yeah going by the marking on both of my chargers, they’re both made by Delta. I guess I just need to charge this switch with the charger that has less pins. Thanks for the discussion!

Sorry I missed the part about one of the revisions/variants causing your M92 IC to fry, there is very likely a reasonable explanations to this, the first being that one of the AC adapaters is just faulty the other is that perhaps some of the pins (which we assumed were NC on one revision ) which corresponds to a line on the board is bridged on the board itself which is resulting in the fault.

What would be good to document is photographing the plug base, I’m operating from memory here but I think it will be something along the lines of a code like “DOL-XYZ” which may indicate revision, and of course the brand and then photos of the USB connector for said revision, then I would connect the end to a breakout board (not plugged into an AC outlet) and discharge them (incase there is any stored charge) and measure the resistance to ground on all pins to see which pins are utilised vs the other brand/revision AC adapters, this way we get a better idea as the reason your M92 is blowing :slight_smile:

I might have a couple of faulty Delta ones somewhere with mangled USB ends, so if the code, brand, and pin count are a match I might even be able to cut one open to see how many conductors it’s using, or if there is another potential for a fault internally :slight_smile:

Good idea. Here’s a picture of the base.

I also just plugged in a breakout board to the switch motherboard and found there was continuity between VCONN and CC. I presume this is a bridge?

I noticed the difference in charges too,

I put it down to them getting rid of the pins they don’t need, just incase they bridge and damage the internals on the Nintendo switch