Digital Edition 1215B intermittent power on

Little back story before the direct question. I have this 1215B that will boot into the storage check, reboot and 9/10 times fail to boot. It just turns off after 2 or 3 blue light flashes. 1/10 times it boots normally but on reboot wants to check the storage again. I can repeat this without having to unplug and plug back in.

I found a few suspicious things but this 504x IC is getting really hot. Like I think upwards of 170F which I have a hard time believing is correct since it didn’t have any thermal putty on it. I’m not sure what pin is what since no datasheet but best guess is the output pin is top right (relative to marking orientation) and shows .75V which is a bit low according to one random forum post. Should be a little over 1V. I found no direct shorts to ground but I think the output shows like 300 ohms to ground. I could be wrong I don’t have it in front of me. I think input is the bottom right and shows 3.3V.

Anyway, does anyone know what IC this is and maybe have a datasheet or pinout? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Apparently these are on the PS4 slim as well so maybe I can grab from a donor board if not new.

Well it wasn’t this chip and symptoms kind of point to the SSD controller. Anybody have a good source for the CXD90062GG?