Disc drive constant and rapid ejection

I purchased a laser lens deck replacement due to my ps4 original not spinning, reading and not even recognizing any kind of disc’s. When I made the replacement everything seemed to work properly. It started spinning and even reading disc. When I powered the console off and back on, the disc drive spit out the disc and would not accept it afterwards. About 5 seconds went by when the empty disc drive made a rapid ejection sound for a few seconds then stopped. This issue continued like clockwork every 5 seconds until I powered it off. I even took the drive back apart and installed back together correctly and the problem continued. I even booted the ps4 into safe mode and restored system software and rebuilt the database with no luck. Pease someone help me diagnose and resolve this issue. Any help is much appreciated

Hey, just in-case you haven’t already resolved this. If it is one of the older PS4 with the touch sensitive buttons, look on the inside of the case where the eject button is. There will be a piece of metal that links from the platic button and rests on a metal contact on the CD Drive. I’d double check that both this metal piece isn’t dirty and also check that the metal contact isn’t dirty.
I’ve heard that these playstations also had an issue where if that metal strip comes into contact with the rubber foot of the playstation it can cause it to think that the button is being pressed so also double check that this metal strip is not touching where the rubber foot comes through the case. When this rubber foot heats up it can expand and cause the playstation to eject. Alternatively you can remove this rubber foot and test to see if the above resolves your issue.

hope that makes sense


Hello, as it turned out it wasn’t the rubber foot that was causing the problem…it was the ribbon cable that connected to the insert eject switch that connects to the drive. I replaced with a new one and it fixed the ejection problem but another problem has occurred… after replacing the cables and a new laser lens deck the disc inserted fine, disc’s wouldn’t spin but the laser reads every disc as unrecognizable. There’s no marks of any kind on any disc so I can’t figure out what could cause this problem. If you can give any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks