Disc drive doesnt read new discs


I have a problem with new games from Activision, I bought Crash 4, crash team racing and spongebob (in this case is THQ) but the games dont want to load, I tried put the disc many times into the disc drive and lets say it run once, but nothing more, I also have another games like RDR2, FC5, Forza 7 etc… all the older games works just fine except the new ones, well I tried these affected ones on my friends xbox one x, and there works just fine, so I said, well laser is affected somehow, so today I changed the laser but still same problem the 3 games still cannot loud, I can hear how the disc is spinning and laser trying to read, but nothing happend.

All games are new, seems like mine next consol will be PS5 with no drive :smiley:

Any advice ?