Disc drive problem

Hello I’m into repairing consoles I’m from greece I have a problem with a PS4 Slim the disk Drive making a grinding sound, I think the reason is one of the gears, the one that do the manual ejection of the disc! is there anything I can do to fix it?

When does the grinding sound start? Does it happen as soon as the console is turned on or does it start when a disc is inserted into the drive?

When a disc is inserted I think is the Gear that let you manually eject the disc

Have you took apart the disk drive to see if there are any visible issues? If a gear is misaligned you can usually see it.

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A grinding sound will occur if the auto eject is triggered…try inserting a disc while the grinding sound is happening, if it cant feed the disc it is the auto eject issue. Do a full examination inside the disk drive on the gears, rollers etc. and make sure everything is seated properly.