Disc drive won't accept discs

I’ve used the tutorial videos and checked the disc drive. I put the rollers back in place, although the disc drive still won’t pull my disc in. When I press the eject button I hear 3 beeps. Other than that though I’m not sure what could be the issue.

Is the disc drive spinning at all? If your disc drive has no power it could be a blown fuse. Had the same issue with mine

Not sure what you mean. Whenever I try to insert the disc, the drive won’t even activate the rollers. But when i press the eject button it does 3 beeps so i think the drive is still active and working.

Most likely you have a blown fuse on the motherboard as @DeskNinja said. If you search for Andrew Paul on YouTube he has a great video on how to repair this.

Ah alright I see, I figured since the eject button was still responsive it might’ve been something else. Thanks a lot you two! I’ll look into it.

I’ve had the same issues before and you haven’t properly set the drive to a state when it can take a disc. It still thinks there is a disc inside.

It doesn’t think there is a disc inside since it beeps 3 times when the eject button is pressed.

My bad. You’re right on that. I’d test every microswitch in the drive area. Had a few gone before

I have the same issue when it comes to the My PS4 slim not taking discs and does 3 beeps when pressing the eject button

It says that you have a video about it could be a fuse blown, can I have a link to the video please since I can’t find it on YouTube

Thank you :blush: