Display to TV does not work, but charging in the Dock works

I have a nintendo switch that wasn’t able to take a charge and it was basically dead, I installed a new USB-C port because the original was physically busted, and that didn’t fix the charging issue either, so I replaced the Charging IC “M92T36” chip to be exact, and that charges the device but there wasn’t a display showing up on the TV or the screen on the switch. I noticed a burn on the housing right under the Video/Audio IC “PI3USB” and replaced that chip as well and now everything in handheld mode works great! The only exception is the display on the TV. Does anyone have any idea or what I can do to diagnose this issue?

The problem i think is from the M92T55 or M92T17 Audio Video Control IC on the motherboard from the dock.

My money is the PI3USB hasn’t been seated properly (ensure you have an even distribution of solder across all the pads) or one or more of the chokes between the IC and the USB-C have been damaged and need to be replaced (EXC-24CS350U)

It’s not the dock, because my other personal switch I mainly use works on it perfectly.

I will give it another try, I did test 3 different ones just to be sure, but you might be right.