DJI O3 VTX Bricked - millionaire fix!

Hey how are you? Love you YouTube channel… You inspired me into this fixing world!

I am also an FPV drone pilot and ultimately we’ve been having an issue with our USD200 video transmission systems from DJI: the O3 air unit.

After a crash, even if it isn’t impacted directly, there is a 20-30% chance of “bricking” the O3 system and no one knows how to fix it! We are literally forced into buying a new one everytime. If you can help us solve this mystery you’ll be the FPV hero! It’s also worth quite a fortune to find out this repair… I can send you a couple bricked O3 and you can try this challenge out! Would love to see this on your channel as well, it’ll get a ton of views because it’s extremely demanded…

If you accept this challenge, send me an email and we’ll arrange delivery :grin: can’t wait!

Obs: after watching your channel I recovered my ancient Gameboy, Pokémon red, blue and gold, etc… THANK YOU for teaching me so much!! :heart: