Do you see? what I don't

Hi all, on oct. 10 I turned on my ps4 to game for a while. and I’m still yet to see anything on the screen except for a blue screen that says “no Signal”. now some details. I have had it for five years. and it has never giving me a minute of trouble. as I have said the screen is blue and says “no Signal”. This is what I have done. I unplugged the power cable and plugged it back, after I turned it off a couse. which helps a lot of electronic problems. but not this time. I checked the HDMI port on my tv by plugging something else in to it which worked fine. I replace the HDMI cable with another one. nothing changed. I watched a video that said while the ps was on to unplug the HDMI cable and the plug it back. no difference. I then tried holding the power button down and letting it beep twice that was suppose to bring up the safe mode menu that you can now see. this also did not work. now some stuff about my play style. I game(play) about six out of seven days. sometime for only 30 minutes some time for five hours. I’m not a kid I’m a man. so all that said is there anything I can do? Thanks for any help.