Does anyone know what this component is called?

i accidentally hit the board with the spring tensioned pcb holder and it launched that piece right off the board and i cant find it. It the 3 legged (2 legs on one side 1 leg on the other) component surrounded by 8 gold circles on the non cpu side, right above the cpu cluster

Anyone have a broken parts board that i can buy?

Looks like a 0603 transistor, maybe a repair shop can give you the part from a donor for a small fee

yeah that’s a transistor.

fyi, anyone know what this is? few model motherboard doesn’t have it but I do find my customers switch can not communicate to usb port before I remove this 6pin chip

It s an ESD protection Device (Texas Instruments TPD2E1B06). In my case DUG was the marking on top.

thank you! for the response and all your knowledge on this forum