Does not charge optimally

I have a switch with a charging issue. The charging port was broken, so I replaced that. The switch charged, but not proper.

Did messure for shorts and found two shorted caps near the MAX 77812 IC
So I removed the 77812 IC, but short was still there. Removed the caps, still short. Even tried removing the BQ and M92t, but still shorted.

Anyone got an idea what the problem might be?


Can`t figure how to post images or links.
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Isn’t related to charge functionality. What was the short measuring in resistance?

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I posted on reddit as well, since I did´t get links or photos here.
You can se photos on r/switchrepair
Same topic as here.

I measured in continuity and diode mode.

Mariko rev, and in this case diode mode is useless… from memory typical resistance to ground on this rail is approx 14 ohm - not a fault… as i mentioned this chip does not relate to charge functionality and your chasing a red herring down a rabbit hole for no good reason :wink:

I`ll check ohm then :laughing:

Did get some practice tho :grin:

Measured them both to 15 ohm. That means that they are good?

yeah that’s normal :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the help! :grin:

So back to the charging issue. According to the USB Volt Amp Meter reading, whats most likely the problem? The M92 or the BQ?

Can I ask what the current is on a 5V supply?