Does the ps5 have an internal ssd issue? possible to buy internal ssd components?

got a few ps5 here which seem to have internal ssd issues. trhey throw error codes or shutoff when i.e. they are almost full/full.

anyone noticed this?

is it possible to buy the following parts?

* Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. CXD90062GG SSD Controller
* Sony hat einen eigenen SSD Controller konzipiert, um die wahnsinnig hohen Datengeschwindigkeiten der PS5 zu regeln, im Gegensatz dazu nutzt die [Series X]( ein konventioneller aussehendes Setup mit Hardware von SanDisk.
* SK Hynix [H5AN4G8NBJR-UHC]( DDR4 SDRAM Memory - 512 MB
* 6x (drei pro Seite) Kioxia/Toshiba Memory TH58LJT0T24BA4M [BiCS Flash-Speicher]( (wahrscheinlich)
* Micron [MT61K512M32KPA-14:B]( 2 GB GDDR6 SGRAM

does your console give you the error message “something went wrong with the system software”? and then reboot into safe mode all the time even if you reinstall the system software?
I am experiencing what i just described to you and i believe it may be a defect with the internal ssd on the motherboard.

Not sure anymore. It would just shutoff i think and then rebuild the database or check the internal ssd or so on the next boot. I circumwented the issue by installing an additional ssd and dont use the internal ssd for anYthing but the system. this maybe a hint that the nand/nands are faulty and not the Controller etc.