Dropped a screw inside PlayStation 5 Fan!

So whilst installing a new 1TB NVMe SSD into my PS5, I dropped one of the small SSD screws (the kind used to install a heatsink onto the SSD) into the back side fan and into the PS5 !!

I am worried now, is this a concern?! I can hear it moving about if I move the PS5. I think it may be rocking about in the PS5 copper heatsink. Do I need to be worried??

I have seen the teardown videos of opening up a PS5; I am in no way qualified or confident to do it on my own to take out the rogue screw. What do you guys think, leave it in there?? Or must take it out ?

I think you can shake it out of the system. The fan is open on both sides, take off both white covers and gently shake it out. No need to open the console completely.

Thanks, yes that did it! I got it out finally! I was worried this was going to make my PS5 worthless lol but thankfully got it out! thanks!