DS4 can pair with ps4 but won't charge


So i have a weird one here.

Got two controllers from a client but wouldn’t turn on at all.

Swapped the chargeport nothing happens, swapped the battery they suddenly show a sign of life, i though jackpot that should be it. Go to my ps4 to test them out, i can pair them trough holding share and the ps button, and they’ll stay on, but when i plug in the charge cable suddenly the LED turns off and it shows a battery with a ? Icon on the screen.

I am at a loss and can’t figure it out. Happens with both of them.

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Both replacement parts (battery and port) are known working ones?

Try charging the controller with a strong source. Cellphone charger etc. See if that charges the battery. You may not be getting enough juice from the PS4 USB ports.

Yes, both parts are changed with known working ones, tried charging the controllers with a cellphone charger aswell,