DS4 JDM-001 odd behavior

Hi everyone,

I bought a DS4 v2 from a friend and he threw in a faulty DS4 JDM-001 in as well since he know I fixed a few already.

The controller’s dpad and L1 don’t work - I figured it’s the conducive film which I ordered and will replace when it gets here.

The other problem is odd. When I plug the controller in, it works, responds to commands and charges the battery, but there is no LED light. As soon as I unplug it, the LED turns on and glows as if the controller is charging - which it isn’t. I can’t leave it in standby like that because the LED drains the battery dead. I replaced the USB port and ribbon cable which did not help.

What’s my next step?

Thank you everyone in advance for your time and help.

The symptoms sound the same as a bent pin on the USB connector or damage to the ribbon going to it. As you’ve already changed these i would still >

Closely inspect and/or temporarily swap with one from a known good if you can. Ensure the ribbon is the correct orientation etc

Does the battery drain quickly or at a normal rate?

Any indicators of liquid/corrosion anywhere?

Measure voltage on the battery and see if it’s actually charging when plugged in (voltage increases) and/or check if the battery is bad/depleted

I did encounter this case few months ago, no bent pin, ribbon cable works fine, and the controller does everything except for the LED. I already swap the daughter board but still the LED didn’t light up, but if i press the PS button it does give me a white light blink (like trying to connect to the console) but because i use it for my PC i didn’t mind about it so i leave it like that but the battery drain faster though

Hi Severence,

unfortunately I can’t test/swap with known good one because all the other controllers I have are JDM-055. I actually replaced the ribbon since the old one was worn and had some corrosion on it, which I suspect is the main reason of the problem. There is some slight water damage on the lower part of the board but it doesn’t cause any problems.

The controller itself seems (apart from the dpad issue) fine, works when plugged in to the PC even without the battery. Again, can’t test the battery because my “for parts” JDM-055 has a different connector.

The next step would be to desolder the ribbon connector on the board and replace it with a proper one.

You can cut the wires and solder them directly to the PCB if you feel confident enough to do so, you can also alternatively use a battery from something else for testing purposes, dunno about you but i have plenty of old nokia and iphone batteries knocking about which could also be direct soldered.

Can you take a high res photo of the PCB maybe something will stand out.

You could also take diode/resistance measurements relative to ground on ribbon termination and compare to your model variants and see if something jumps out by comparison and post readings

Hey, this is actually a good idea. There were some oxidation traces on the motherboard connector, I might just do this. I’ll keep you posted.

Hey, did you get through with your problem? I’m having a similar problem with a jdm-055. It stays orange constantly and drains the battery, I swapped charging port, ribbon and battery but no dice.