Ds4 not working wirelessly

The problem i have is that my controller doesn’t work without being plugged in. It doesn’t show any sign of life no matter how much i let the battery charge.
I have changed the chargeport and have checked to see if the battery was faulty but it worked like new when plugged in to my other controller.

Can someone help guide me in a direction where i can possibly fix this problem.

Could you check the trace for the battery port (not charger port). And you should try to check short on each chip in case there’s somewhat faulty chip using multitester. It’s best if you could provide picture of your board. You could post on imgur.com and gave us the link but please note that because you are new member then the feature for upload picture or link still not opened yet, so you have to tweak the link for a bit like adding symbol in front http so the web can’t recognize it as a link.

i Will provide you with a picture tomorrow