Dual shock 4 not starting after joystick replacement

First of all, I already did 1 and it worked perfectly. This is the second time I replace a drifting joystick on a dual shock 4 and I have a problem now…
Here’s the story:

  • Everything was fine about the joystick replacement itself.
  • After reassembling the controller, one of the vibration motor was stuck vibrating… I immediately disconnected everything and gave a good look at the board. I noticed some soldering flux, so I cleaned everything perfectly with 99% IPA.
  • After reassembling again, no more vibration problem.
  • I connected the controller to my PC to test if the drifting was gone. The controller was acting really weird with some button activating themselves and light flashing multiple color.
  • I disconnected everything and rechecked everything. FOUND that the ribbon cable between the rear of the controller and the board itself was damaged. I fixed this by straightening the connection back on the cable. Everything is now looking good.
  • Reassembled everything and now the controller is not starting at all except if I connect it to USB cable. But even with some color flashing and even the white color flashing, it’s not connecting to my PC or anything else.

Any idea of what it can be? I can’t find any burned or misplaced components.

  • I did try to replace the board with one of my other controller and it’s working. So the problem is really on the board itself.
  • My other problem is that I can’t find any diagram online of 1-982-707-51 board
  • All my other controller have a different board 1-982-707-32

I attached some photos to help investigating…