DualSense controller Touchpad (Button 17) issue

Hi guys,

I recently bought this used black Dualsense controller (motherboard BDM-020). The previous owner had issues with L3 and R3 stick drifts and a R2 trigger not responding. Of which, the R2 trigger is now clear and the sticks have been cleaned but cannot center properly.

After all the cleaning and disassembly, my post-fix testing came up with Button 17 shown with the value of 1.00, where previously it wasn’t.

I’m not sure what issue I had done, all I used was alcohol to clean the board and the controller itself along with a firmware update.

If there is any fix or diagnosis, I would love to know. Its annoying me as the touchpad overrides my mouse when I pair it on my laptop and does impede me using it properly as the touchpad just overrides both any controller or mouse input I make.

if you referening the b17 from gamepad tester site, B17 is the touch pad for dualsense, check your track pad cable or switch when press-down


I have tested and verified that the cable and button is working. However, I have unplugged the cable from the motherboard but yet the output still has a value of 1.00.

The controller works fine, but the output is still 1.00 regardless of the touchpad being connected or not

you can refer each button test point from this site, good luck hunting.

All right and thank you, this will be confusing as those that have been labelled are for BDM-010.

i appreciate it!