DualSense Controller USBC issue

I am trying to salvage a broken dualsense controller.
I have replaced the right analog controller, fixed some broken traces and am now left with a weird issue.

The controller does not want to charge from the USBC, I still have to figure a way to see if it charges from the headphone jack. I do not have a charging station.

When I plug it into my PC it says that the USB device has malfunctioned.
Plugged it into a normal charger it does nothing.

The controller connects perfectly via bluetooth and everything else seems fine.
Any ideas on what I can check?

Not sure what the primary issue is with this type of issue, I have some also with good usb c ports that behave the same way, I haven’t discovered the fix myself, I feel like maybe a bad update messed these up, really unsure. I have a spare Sony Dualsense charger I use to test the controllers I fix, the ones I have won’t even charge through the official charging stand. I swapped the battery thinking that was the issue, that also doesn’t seem to help.

Thanks for the response.
Any idea what voltage, what connections for charging from the bottom pins? I cant seem to find much

I want to test to see if its only the usbc or if it is not charging at all.

Sorry for the delay, I haven’t tested the voltage but will get around to it this weekend, I will say I swapped with a new battery from a new Dualsense and it still was unresponsive, I see more and more controllers showing this symptom, and I’ve had to part a few out as I can’t figure this out quite yet.

No worries. I see some people are saying it is because of the dialogue power chip. Going to look into that. See if i can find the pinout for that chip as well. Would be interesting to see what is different for the working one and the broken one. On both of mine i can find the output of 4.35V for the charging. Just need to trace to see where or why it doesnt charge the battery or get the led orange.

Sorry for the double post. Did some more testing. Looks like on the one that is not charging the voltage reads 4.35V on certain points. For the one that is charging, it goes down to 3.9v. I see on the battery that it says max charge is 4.25V, so that might be the issue.

Thank you for your effort looking into this, I need to get some time this weekend to give this a deeper dive myself to see if there is one specific chip or some simple fix to these, I have at least 2 boards with this issue both BMD-010 I think but I’ll double check them later.