Dualsense Funny 1sec Rattle + 1blink Org Light then shuts off

Hi all, so encountering an issue where the dualsense once the ps button is pressed, you get a weird “rattle” that sounds like a motor stuck for 1 sec. Very different sound compared to normal vibration. The light alos blinks orange once and the controller shuts off. Cannot connect. I tried resetting thru a paperclip nothing. Battery is fully charged as yesterday it started working for 2 mins where i saw the battery meter and then disconnected and reverted to the original problem. I connected it to a pc but pc got no usb detection and pc cannot locate but strangely gamepad online tester detects it. All functions/buttons working when tested with gamepad tester but just not powering on. I also tried deleting the device on the ps5 bluetooth devices list and still not working. not sure if the next step is opening it. Any suggestions?