Dualsense hall effect sensor issues HELP please :(

Hi, you see I have a bunch of issues with my hall effect sticks. Few months ago I fixed my normal Dualsense gamepad that had drifting sticks for another normal ones, now my second one started to drift like crazy so I wanted to try out hall effect sticks instead, I purchased 2, installed them and centered them, for 2 days it was working fine and then the sticks started doing this. (cant include links nor put an image here for better visual understanding unfortunately.)

They just get stuck in place, few minutes before this started to happen they were feeling crunchy and L3 and R3 buttons started to be mushy… So I thought I did something wrong, I bought 2 more, installed them much more carefully, left stuck and L3 works until this day, right stick on the other hand, that started to feel crunchy and R3 button feels mushy again… So I opened one of the old ones to see if there is some stuff stuck inside and nope, it was all clean, no dust, sand or anything…

Am I doing something wrong? I am using hot air soldering station to heat up the board and the solder and then push the stick trough its holes so the melted solder on the other side can hold it in place. Like I did to the other Dualsense gamepad with the normal sticks… I have contacted the seller, he said that there might be a chance that his new batch was defective and that he will check and maybe sends a replacement but I havent heard anything from him since so I still think that it might have been a fault on my side… I have a special tool to center the sticks aswell so I aint using a needle or something to damage it, I am using special pen that has a needle on one side and flat point on the other and I always used the flat point just slightly pushed in to center which worked very well as it was in tutorial video. So I dont know if its really a defect or if its all my fault… I feel very sad and frustrated now… Tekken 8 coming up in January, Final Fantasy 7 Remake part 2 in February and one of my gamepads does not work and I cant play games with my wife. :frowning:

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The magnets from the sensors doesn’t like heat. And at one of my last stick repairs, I deform the plastic parts from the analogstick myself by appling heat by a heat gun.

I would desolder with a heatgun, clear the holes and solder a new analogstick with an iron.

The magnets and sensors work fine, the spring in the middle that is pushing up on the stick to center is being stuck, also the original solder is so hard to melt and I dont have money to buy professional grade tools soo… 450C should be enough yet it seems like the solder melts at 470C cuz the one I have put there from my spool melts at 450 as it should. I tried multiple ways to put links but none worked… imma try to paste it here with spaces or something.

Okay so link for the image on what is happening is

ibb (dot) co/2sPvtz8

You can see the problem there… The tracking on the stick is still good, the only thing is that it does not center like if the molding for the middle piece was bad or something… Sticks came in a plastic box so its not like it could have been damaged in shipping… I think they may have received a bad batch and I just purchased it at the wrong time… Cuz the other normal sticks from the same seller worked fine but I feel like it will be drifting again in no time like the original were… So that is why I wanted to try out hall effect sensors…

And yes the one to the right is slightly melted because that is the one I openned after I removed it and sticks almost always melt when I try to desolder them cuz the board is just hot. And I dont have a tape that would shield heat since I never needed such a thing for any repairs.

I would pull down the both orange potentiometer from one stick and check if the stick centers itself.

I have already done that, magnets are in there moving freely… Its not the sides that are stuck, its the spring inside that is pushing the plate on the gray middle part of the stick that has the thumb stick on it… that middle piece, it looks like a plate with 4 edges that are supposed to move in 4 grooves but it is being stuck in them grooves and spring aint strong enough to push it back so the white pieces would center…

Ok. Than maybe as you said a bad batch.

For soldering I would clear the holes and put in the new stick and solder them with an iron. That minimize the heat that could influnce the stick.

Yeah but its hard to remove the original solder from them holes even with the suction syringe

I would apply leaded solder and the heat it up with an iron and then use a solder sucker. You can warm from one side and use the sucker at the other side.