Dualsense L2 trigger not working halfway

1 Month into having a ps5 my triggers started creaking so i applied some WD-40 into the trigger springs and waited a whole day for it to dry. Today i turned it on to test it out but the L2 trigger seem to have an issue. It only registers the trigger when i push it at least 60% and the first %40 basically doesn’t work. I tried the demo on Astro’s Playroom and though the adaptive triggers are functional i have to really push it in for it to actually work.

Any idea for what might have gone wrong? And is it easy to fix?

You can try joy.cpl on Windows or online on Hardware Tester the Gamepad Tester and check the outputs of your L2 trigger.
If the L2 output is not showing the movement from begin to full press, your potentiometer maybe damaged.

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might just be the spring issue?

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It starts from the beginning but its a little jumpy. When i start pushing it no input is shown it only starts to register once i push it like 50% in.

Thats what im hoping for but i dont know how to make sure. If it had a problem on the spring wouldnt i feel it when i press it down?

you feel less restriction and more space before fully pressed

My L2 and R2 feel pretty much the same and R2 works with no problems. Does this mean it has a more complicated problem or is it worth checking the spring at all?

the L2/LR2 module is a bit complicate to separate out of the whole thing. Check YT videos if you need to