Dualsense left analog broken

I think my left analog stick is broken. It’s one of the newer models, black. I was in the middle of a game and suddenly it was slightly drifting to the left, so I spun it around a bit but it made the problem worse… Now it’s aggressively pulling left but stops when I push it in a little. I took it apart to see if anything was inside but saw nothing, and whatever else I could have done to it I don’t have the tools. I tried sending it back to Sony but they said I can’t because it’s “from another region”, even though I purchased it locally. :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging: Got it from Walmart, by the way. What should I do?

Usually the potentiometer

Here is the kicker. You need one that reads the same as yours (or it will have drift issues).
You maybe able to bend it back a bit and try cleaning (maybe with contact cleaner or IPA). But I do not think it would work.
I see people use resisters to fix calibration issues (drift) after replacement of potentiometer / stick.

I found replacement sticks original from factory. After replacement I found this stupid idea that they flashed the calibration to a chip (no way to change). Now I would need to use resistors or find matching potentiometer. At that point its not worth it profit wise. Its worth it to just swap the stick with original. Once we start dealing calculating and soldering resistors its no longer worth it. Just by a new one and save the other thing for parts. Maybe you will need something from it in the future.