DualSense with Elite Series 2 Thumbsticks

Hi Folks,

I bought an Elite series 2 Xbox controller and fell in love with the thumbsticks and though I could probably get a PS5 controller and swap the the OEM PS5 thumbsticks with the Elite series 2 controller thumbsticks. I did some reasearch and found out the thumbstick would physically firt but the potentiometers where different (Xbox uses 10 kOhm). I have been looking for some potentiometers that are compatible with the PS5 controller and have come accross 2 types of listing. Some say 2.1KOhm is the correct one other say 2.3kOhm. Do any of you know which is correct. I have already tried some 2.1 kOhm pots but have very noticeable stick drift in one of my sticks. if anyone has replace ps5 pots can they suggest a good place to buy them from.