Dualshock 4 controller

Hey all! I have a dualshock 4 that i received, that was reporting a no charge issue. I swapped the battery out, and that fixed that issue. Upon swapping the battery, the light bar came on yellow, and remained that way. The controller wont connect to the console unless i plug it into the console itself. I can unplug it after it connects, and it will remain connected with no issues until i go into the menu and turn off the device, and then the light bar turns back yellow, wont turn off, and i cant get it to connect back to the console unless i plug it in again. Ive swapped the charging board, just because i had one and as expected it did nothing. Ive tried to do a reset on the controller, and that has no results either.

any ideas here?

check what i posted…seems like same issue.