Dualshock 4 not charging/bad charging

I bought broken PS4 controller (JDM-030) that wasn’t turning on. After replacing the battery and charging port, the controller managed to turn on. Unfourtunetly, there’s an issue with charging because its charging at 5V 0.1A and even the orange light don’t turn on. Any idea what the issue might be?I was thinking about charging ic but I rather hear from You first. Thanks.

Im sorry for my English. Its not my national language and im still learning. Thanks for understanding.

Before you attempt fix on the charging port, are you ever attempt fix on the mainboard too? like changing something? if not let’s put aside this first, for now we are gonna focus on daughter board first (charging port board).
First, when you said you change the port, did you replace the port alone or with the whole daughter board?
If not, try replace it with the new daughter board too
If yes, then the problem is not on the port

Let’s move on to the ribbon cable, do you already tried to change the ribbon cable for the charging port?
If not, please try to check the ribbon cable (like using multimeter to test continuity on both side ribbon cable) if there’s continuity on each line then your ribbon cable is good, if not you should replace it

If you already tried all suggestion above but the problem still there, then i think the problem is on the charging IC, could you diassemble your controller?
Look if there’s any short on it (grab you multimeter and start checking surrounding capacitor), if no short detected try this one too
With stripped up board try to charging it. If the charging IC is hot i think you should replace it.

I hope this will help, please do update me for further assistant

Yes, I already attempted to fix one faulty DS4 motherboard and it went well. Ribbon cable is fine. The controller is already dissambled and from what I’ve checked theres no shorts at all. I tried to charge it but even if I did the charging IC is was not getting hot.

@Ernolasinsky so i’ve been looking in the internet about your problem, and the close one so far is on this link below

They have the same problem like yours, it’s worth checking out