DualShock 4 repair on a custom controller!

**I have a Battle Beaver custom controller that I am replacing the thumb-stick mechanism on. I had taken apart a factory controller just to look at it and I thought it would be a fairly simple project. But it looks like there’s a couple extra steps that I have to take due to the modifications on the Battle Beaver. My question is what are the two small ICs that they have soldered in the pic? They are not on the factory controller.

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You can’t yet, if you either new member or if this is your first post there’s a limited facility you could use and that excluding posting picture or link. Posting picture or link only can be unlock when you visit this site numerous times, create post, or comment on other post a few times. I was like that too, turns out i need to visit this site (login ofcourse) for a few days and after that i could posting pict and link. For new member you could upload your image first in imgur.com and give us the link. And ofcourse for the link you should tweak it a little bit like instead of www.google.com you could use special character to tweak it like “www.(google).com” (you just need to make the link cannot detected by the system) and give the instruction to delete the special character

Thank you for the information wasn’t aware as it was my 1st post