EBay special none working Nintendo switch

Ok so I’ve brought another none working Nintendo switch sold as (none working) thought I would give it a go but pads are also missing looks like it’s defo been attempted before! I did a trace repair on the last one I did but found it very hard to do! But looking at this one is this even worth doing ??


If this is a V1 Erista Mainboard, I would consider a repair flex (RippedTraces) for restoring the pads.

Wow that’s a game changer! I’ve ordered some so will
See how I get on cheers Calvin :+1:


Hi Calvin could you tell me if I can replace these with other parts from a donor board I have a filter missing in the blue circle and caps missing in the red circles are any of these in the green the same ?


The caps are the same at the ram power rails.

At the pi3usb ic seems to be some 0201 components at the pads

Hi Calvin
Yes there were a few caps in the yellow markers but I still require 201_100k caps do you have a picture of another section of the board where I can check for those?


Here around the m92t36 are some 0201 100kOhm resistors.

Your a star thank you Calvin


I still have no power at the fuse but I’ve noticed this has an open circuit (red square) would that stop power getting to the fuse ?


An open choke at the usb c will not prevent a Switch from turning on. But a problem with the pi3usb will. I think the pi3usb is at least one pad off and not in place.

Ok so I’ve now replaced the p13 and now have 5v and the fuse and board but 0amps no shorts around the m and bq chip

Battery was flat so fitted a new batt all powers on but have unable to charge and this symbol X next to the battery indicator