EDM-010 strange front USB behavior

Hello! I’ve got a strange issue on this EDM-010. The front Type-A port receives 5V on initial power up, then drops, then comes back, then drops again and remains at 0v. The Type-C port however works just fine.

This particular PS5 has had a lot of work done to it. It originally came to me because of no beep. A number of SBV converters needed to be replaced, in addition to some fuses, and Southbridge also had to be swapped out. After performing these repairs, the PS5 fires up and works just fine. However, the customer informed me their front port doesnt charge controllers and so brought it back.

I’ve thus far managed to deduce that the 5v input originates from a nearby SOIC. This appears to take 12V in and buck it down to 5V. The issue seems to be related to the gate input. For whatever reason, it must suddenly cease to exist or is an incorrect voltage for the SOIC’s intended operation. I’ve already tried swapping the SOIC for a donor and the same behavior persists.

My question is, does 5V input ultimately originate from Southbridge? Like, is it at the top of the circuit chain for whether or not this port even receives power? I have attempted to probe down where this gate input originates, but I have so far come up empty. My next move was to try reflowing Southbridge, but I don’t want to risk the PS5 not working if the gate input doesn’t even have anything to do with it.

check the TPS2001D ti chip for the USB-A 5v output from the picture I marked

Yup, that’s where I’ve traced it back to. That initially outputs 5v, then drops, then picks back up, then drops out completely. I’ve already tried swapping it out for another and it didn’t resolve the issue, the 5v output still fails to remain stable.

I actually may have exposed a significant fault on the circuit that TPS chip is a part of. My measurements showed 12V on the input side. But after finding a datasheet, this chip is not meant to have that on the input at all. It is simply a current limiter for the 5v output. Somehow, it was getting a 12v input, and I have no clue how.

Judging by your image, possibly an issue somewhere in the F7501 area? When I was trying to take voltage readings from that area, the PS5 sadly stopped powering on entirely, wouldn’t even beep, so I couldn’t get any readings in F7501. Whatever was happening with it must have been super intermittent, I don’t know why else the PS5 would have worked just fine until it eventually didn’t.

I eventually determined that a MOSFET in F7501 had somehow failed, in addition to a VRM, and swapped both of those out. The PS5 now beeps and attempts to start, but then powers off after a couple of seconds. So now there’s more wrong with it that I need to figure out :(.