Electrostatic Discharge Danger Question

In my workplace, we do a lot of electronics work and everything is done on Electrostatic Discharge Safe (ESD) workstations. Wrist straps, disipative smocks, cotton clothes, grounds checked and certified monthly, etc. I don’t see any precautions in the electronics repair tutorials, images, etc on this or other websites. I don’t think the silicone workpads are truly static safe, especially because they lack a wristband and grounding lug.

To be clear, I am talking about damage to the hardware, not any sort of danger to humans.

To get to the point, is there any concern about ESD while working on consoles? Are there any components that are especially susceptible, at various levels of assembly? Does anyone have anecdotal experience about an ESD event damaging or destroying a component.


  • Jason

While I can’t say with 100% certainty that there’s nothing in a console that would be sensitive to esd I don’t know of anything that would be damaged by it. I never wear any sort of esd protection and have never had any problems. As far as I’m concerned esd is not a concern when it comes to console work.

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All electical items made today are very capable of handling static charge so anti static wristbands are very much like the dodo. everything is now military grade. we don’t live in the 80’s unless you own a mac that is. apple still lives in the past but everybody else is moving forward making their stuff better and more durable, making pc’s easier to build, ps4’s easier to fix, xbox is still a pain with it’s hard drive but that won’t change. Even nintendo has gotten better you can find problem’s easily and safely and fix them as long as the board is undamaged