Emoji :( not working

Using your emoji list my post does not seem to have emojis enabled,:face_with_monocle: hmm well maybe its on my end…let me check, hmm again this post works but not ps3 post. Oh well :slight_smile:

I can see emojis in your post. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be working in the PS3 category but I’ll check it out. Thanks

From playing around with the emojis it seems that if there is no space between text and the emoji:smirk: it (sometimes) won’t display correctly. However, throw a space in between the text and emoji :smirk: and it (usually) displays correctly.

It should be possible for you to edit your post in the PS3 category to add spaces so the emojis show. If not, we can edit it for you. Hope that helps. :grinning:

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Thanks, for checking, I did insert those emojis after I wrote the words so the space thing is likely the issue as it is not showing up since I have employed your advice. I am unable to edit the post any longer so if you could do that so I don’t look like a dork forever that would be very nice. Thanks for effort and time.