Equipment for UK members

Hey guys, I’m going through the microscopic soldering course, but when it comes to the recommended equipment, it’s all linked to products that are not available in the UK.

Do any of you recommend any mid to high end models for the following pieces of equipment…

Micro soldering iron
Heat gun

Thanks guys

Yeah i had the same issue being in the UK as well. These are the items the links go to:-

HotAir Station
Cheap - CO-Z 858D
Hobby - Quick 861DW
Pro - Hakko FR801B-05

Micro Soldering
Hobby - Hakko FX951-66
Pro - Hakko FM203-01

Cheap - SE Illuminated Dual Lens Flip-In Head Magnifier
Hobby - AmScope SE400-Z Professional Binocular Stereo Microscope
Pro - AmScope 7X-45X Simul-Focal Stereo Lockable Zoom Microscope on Dual Arm Boom Stand

Some of these are on Amazon UK or if you google search you can find UK suppliers. Also something like the CO-Z 858D, you can find several “clones” out there, same goes with a lot of the other stuff.

The hakko stuff is super expensive!!! :grimacing:

I’ve gone for a KSGER T12 soldering station (£50 odd) for now, then if i start doing more and more i’ll upgrade to a Hakko stuff :slight_smile:

It’s the VAT that jacks the price.

I’ve recently moved here from the US and brought my Hakko FX-888D with me because I was surprised how much Hakko is here. Also surprised that Weber seems to be the go-to here. It’s the cheap one in the US. I took the transformer out to save on weight in my luggage (I had one suitcase full of just tools that I didn’t originally ship) and picked up a new transformer & circuit board from hakko DOT co DOT uk. I didn’t really need the board besides the fact I may have fried the original in my first attempt at the 230v conversion. All you have to do is just switch out the fuse and move the capacitor on a “US” 120v board. I MAY have forgotten to switch the fuse out, hence the new board. You will need a new transformer though. The US version of the transformer has pins clipped off that you’ll need to solder to, the replacement has all pins available. I have photos of the process if you want to go that route.

The 888D is slightly cheaper from hakko DOT co DOT uk than Amazon Prime once you factor in shipping and VAT, but only by a few £. Like I said, it’s the VAT that kills the savings. They have the Blue & Yellow version familiar in the US and the Silver version that appears to be the European version. I believe both would be 230v from them.

As far as I know you can switch out tips on the 888D for micro, and hakko DOT co DOT uk appears to have everything. All of my shipments have come through the post and arrived in 2 days.