Error 2002-2663 Assistance

Has anyone found a solution for this error for the Nintendo switch? I have tried a replacement Card slot with 3.5mm audio jack but still same results with error when inserting a game card in. Now attempting a full wipe of the device to see if that resolves anything. Any advice other than send to Nintendo will be helpful.

Clean contacts of both connectors and look for broken / bent pins on the mainboard connector

Could you also unplug the microsd board and see if it makes a difference

has the micro sd card slot caused problems in the past with errors?

I tried this and still same results

Error Code: 2002-2663
An Error has occurred.

Please Press the power button to restart the console. If your are unable to restart the console. hold the power button for 12 seconds to turn the console off.

If the problems persist, refer to the nintendo support website.

(x1) XAW10087768090
(X2) 10.1.0

Thats the error i get when i boot with game installed. Without, boots normally. If i insert game cartage i also get same error.