Error 2101-0001 (Newbie)

Hello people,
im new to this hobby and got basic hobby equip. Im working on a 0.0 amp Switch with Error 2101-0001 atm and i have a few questions.

Working Temps: Hot Air ca. 430 °C/ Soldering Iron Bent Tip(no tiny tip) ca. 400°C

My progress until now:

  1. discovered two shorted caps above M92T36 and removed the IC, after that shorts were gone → installment of new M92 was kinda dificult for me(newbie) and i think that my pads didnt have enough solder on them to make a good connection with the IC pins → tinned them more up and installed a new IC but i think its still not enpugh solder on the pads

  2. Discovered that most of the outer USB-C pins are loose and hot aired that of, tinned them up and wanted to install the USBC back on tomorrow.

Without the USB-C ive still got the 2101-0001 error and thats the start of my questions:

  1. Is it even possible to get a working switch without error even if the USB-C isnt installed?

  2. How do i get the ankle slots for the USB-C Port cleaned from solder(i recently sucked some little components around them in my solder sucker on another board) for reinstallment?

  3. Why does my soldering wick dont work effectiffly?

  4. How do i get my solder to stick on the Pads from ICs like M92(soldering iron transports more solder from the pads to the tip even with a lot of flux sometimes)?

  5. How do i get my ICs to “wiggle” in place when i hot air them down like u see in all these fancy videos?

Here some pictures:
(I saw the bridge on M92 just now)


mixing in leaded solder to help reduce melting temps as well as using hot air along with the soldering iron makes removing solder from the mounting holes an easier task

either not enough heat, not enough flux, or both.

Heat, flux, and a good tip really. if your tip doesn’t have enough thermal mass the board will soak up the heat and the solder wont flow onto the pads. If you’re really struggling, a good preheat with hot air will make this task easier again.

This is the surface tension effect, if you’re not getting this wiggle then you most like either have poor connection between the IC and board, not enough solder on the pads, or both.

FWIW 2100-0001 is an I2C error in which the SoC cannot verify the M92 chip is sending a signal that is functional. Looking at the soldering job on M92 above I see most of those legs not making a good connection. I would imagine your problem lies with the work you’ve done. In the second to last picture, for example, id say most of those legs aren’t making a good connection with the pad beneath and need some solder added. You can just touch this up with your iron if you have a fine enough tip to let you get between the chip and the surrounding passives.

Good luck, I struggle a bit with QFN work myself but it does get a lot easier with practice :slight_smile:

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  1. Yes, you can fix the error by soldering new m92 onto board properly without type-c installed.
    2.Use hot air(300C ish) plus soldering iron with wicks.
    3.Muliti-layer boards require more power on the tip(more constant heat), especially smaller tip
    4.Less temp on the tip leave solder on the board/pad easier.
    5.Longer pre-heat time onto the board before putting IC on or more air flow from station when reflow IC onto the board.
    It’s pretty obvious the New m92t does not lay flat onto the board as there are gaps from each pad &pin. This mean the center ground pad lift up the IC and hot air temp is not enough to make IC reflow it onto position.
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How much solder has to be on the IC pad anyway? I feel like i have to much on it.

Whats a SoC? I will try it with another tip maybe. I see my solder running up away from the tip when i try to put it on the front. Therefore i can get the tip onto a pin between the passives, but solder wont flow onto them from the tip.

I may have burned of the pads?? Is that a thing that can happen?

those aren’t burnt, they’re (mostly) missing. Looks like you may have damaged them which can happen if you oversaturate the board with heat or remove chips before the solder has fully wetted.

Ah ok. Damn, then this is another parts board i gues😅