Error 2113-0218 and. 2162-0002

System was having connecting joycons wirelessly while flashing 2162-0002 when trying to sync joycons wirelessly. Joycon works fine handheld, just not able to sync wirelessly( joycon works fine on another console.

Decided to update to latest version and now its stuck on error 2113-0218

Theres no short anywhere, not sure where to start.

Maybe system is bricked or banned?

For the error 2162-0002 I found serval hints that it maybe a problem with the m92t36. I would check the m92t36 for shorts and correct diode mode values.

If a Switch is banned, it is ‘only’ the deny to access the online Nintendo network content. This only a blacklisting from the Nintendo server side.

A real bricked Switch for my understanding is a missmatch between the s/n of the soc and the s/n which is stored in the prod info on the emmc. In this case the Switch doesn t boots up.

Thanks Calvin for the info. Replaced m92

Still stuck with error2113-0218 after 2nd logo.

Rebuild 12.0 firmware again with same error. Saw 12.0.1 out so decided to rebuild with that version. ( i guess this is a firmware 12.0 issues thats throwing that code because im able to rebuild with 10.2 too)

System boots fine now, only problem now that it has is not able to connect joycons wirelessly(both)

Do you also have problems with wifi or only with bluetooth?

Only bluetooth,

I did swap motherboard over a different housing with differ wifi and bluetooth but same results

Do you know which ic controls bluetooth?


Both are managed by the broadcom BCM4356 ic which is covered under the emmc modul.

Depending on your Board version it also could be a Cypress CYW4356X.

Board is hac cpu 20,

So it could be the wifi chip i put in thats not having full contact,

Could you direct me to the cypress chip?

If you could direct ne to which chip cupress is close by, im familiar with all tbe other chip. Thanks

I checked and I have two hac-cpu-10 boards one with the BCM4356 and the other with the CYW4356X. So I guess both ic are the same and interchangeable.

Thanks Calvin, i got it now, the cypress chip is the wifi chip in different boards. Will see if i i can. Get it right the third time around

Did you figure out anything about the 2113-0218 error? I got this code for the first time last week. The initial repair was a WiFi IC (Broadcom) replacement because device was stuck on the “Nintendo Switch” logo; that fixed the issue, and device booted fine after, and had WiFi and Bluetooth. Two weeks later, the customer brought it back with the 2113-0218 error. Found nothing online for possible solutions, and barely a mention of the error code at all. Replaced the WiFi IC again, just to make sure the repair was solid, and still get the same error. Is it likely that the customer updated the software and that is what’s happening here? Seems like this discussion may point in that direction…

It seems like an issue with firmware 12.0 on my switch. Im able to rebuild 10.2 which is the original with no issue. Upgrade to 12.0 at the time an ran into the error. Rebuild with 12.01 with no issue. Rebuild with 12.0 again same issue.

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Man, I hope theyr’e not update fusing this IC too…

What do you mean by this?

Huh. Can you explain how you rebuild and install an older firmware? Is your console modified?

My console is a v1 unpatched.

I use haccemmcgen to generate the firmware for the console using the system prodkeys with lockpickrcm. Then i follow choidujour manual downgrade process but i dont use choidujour to build the firmware since i already use haccemmcgen

Ok, so I think I know what @Severence was referring to (update fusing), since the Tegra contains a Fuse Driver to burn micro fuses when newer firmware is installed, preventing downgrades. I presume the tools you use would need to be active before updating in order to rebuild/flash an older firmware, is that correct? Or is it possible I can save this customer’s unit still? I guess I don’t know how I could possibly even update to the 12.0.1 if the Switch is now stuck at the Error 2113-0218.

Im think severence ( the guru) is refering to the ic itself but thats just my guess.

If the unit is a v1 unpatch then you could rebuild it. If its a patched version then im not sure

Oh, he was referring to the WiFi IC!

hello, I was able to repair a nintendo switch with error 2113-0218, the fault is the wifi-bluetooth ic, you have to disassemble the ic from the motherboard and clean solder and put new solder and put it back in its place, the client he took his nintendo switch happy. sorry for my English.

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