Error 2162-0002 on startup

I had a BSOD issue which I fixed with a M92T36 replacement, after that I was getting a charge signal so at least LCD works, turns out the battery was bad (probably from being on the blue screen constantly) so I got another battery and finally got a boot, once it hits the logo screen it shoots out the error. No amount of restarts fixes this and downgrading the firmware gets it stuck in a boot loop.

Any help is greatly appreciated

From sd card:
Deleting /atmosphere/contents/0100000000001000
Delete any custom themes that you might have previously installed.strong text

I’m on the on the original firmware

Hey, I’m a beginner. Please correct me if I’m saying something wrong.

I have the same problem and another post from the forum said that it is fixed by replacing the gamecard board, but I don’t have much luck trying this solution, Still got the error. I tried replacing the game card slot and the digitizer itself.

I test for short around the IC chip, Video chip, and the chip near the battery (don’t know the name) and didn’t find one.

I saw a video on youtube, a chinese repairman having the same error code. His device got a short near the IC chip so he replaced it and the error is gone. Here’s the video: youtu*be/pw7L7Uaoj9w

But I don’t have that short on my motherboard so I’m still hesitating to replace the IC chip.

Did you already found the solution for this error code on your board?

I have a theory that I was never able to test.

I think I didn’t replace the IC Chip correctly the first time which ended in the error. I saw someone get the error after replacing the chip and then when he correctly soldered it the error was gone. I do believe that error comes from a problem with that chip. I say give it a try and see what happens

Hey thanks for the reply, alright I’ll take it into consideration. Just curious what happen with yours though, did you fix it?

Sadly I broke the switch I was working on in an attempt to repair the LCD Connector. I was never able to see if it successfully worked. I will be trying again in the upcoming weeks


Here’s the video that gave me the idea of a bad chip replacement, when he connected all the contacts he was able to fix it.