Error ce-30005-8

I just bought COD Cold war got it installed and tried to play it. The ps4 overheated. Thought it was a 1 time thing but happened 2 more times when getting to the title screen of the game. Took the ps4 apart it was really dusty. Cleaned it out and replaced the thermal paste and thermal pads. On my profile it was giving me an error but not on the other profiles. I deleted my profile and put it back on it fixed that error. Now its giving me the ce-30005-8 error on my profile. I can boot into safe mode and rebuild the database. It works after that but if I exit out of the game it causes that error until I rebuild database again. Is this a failing HDD or Optical Drive?

Its a 1115a ps4 with the original HDD

EDIT: happens on COD and cyberpunk. I have already tried deleting game data and that didnt help. This is from Disc games

Since my edit option went away thought I would update. Digital games have no issues. So Im guessing it is the optical drive.

Fixed my problem for now by taking apart the drive and fully cleaning it.