Error ce-34224-5

Good evening all,

Was looking for some input to see if anyone found a fix for the error yet. It’s giving me this code for a digital copy of a game im trying to play.
Things I’ve done so far:
Rebuilt the ps4 database in safemode.

Wiped the harddrive clean, reinstalled the ps4 software, redownloaded my profile and then redownloaded the game.

Tried a different harddrive from a retired laptop and repeated the 2nd step and still no luck.

Should I buy a fresh harddrive instead of a used one or is this ps4 trashed? All other software and apps will work but games will not.

Thanks for the help.

Just installed a new harddrive and that didn’t solve it either. Is there anything else I should be looking for?

i’m having the same problem too…mine is ps4 pro,did you fixed the problem?