Error Code: 2002-3535

An error has occurred.

Please press the POWER button to restart the console…

Has anyone else seen this error? I’ve tried to Google it and haven’t found any results. I purchased this Switch locally and found that the issues really occur more frequently when docked. I’ll get through a round of MarioKart and then get the error.

In handheld mode, I can play longer, but eventually the error occurs again. It does not occur with Pokemon Eevee. It did occur with Super Smash Bros. I figured it might have needed some new thermal paste so I used a few tools that I purchased from @tronicsfix 's Amazon affiliate link to take apart and applied Arctic Silver MX-4 to the fan’s heatsink and to the shroud.

I’m still under the impression based on computer repairs that it probably has to do with a heating issue. The fan works. The unit did not feel overly hot during shut down. Does anyone else have a suggestion or may have heard of this error code? Thank you!!

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Did you try removing the silver shroud under the heat sink as there is thermal paste sitting directly on the apu


Hey there,
I would like to second PinkLightning’s thought with the thermal paste. That would explain why handheld mode works longer. In handheld mode the performance is reduced and thus the heat generated is less.