Error code 2162-0002

I have a switch lite that is giving the error code 2162-0002 when I insert a card into the card reader. Initially the switch was given to me to work on because the switch was not reading cards at all. When I physically looked inside it many of the pins were bent inside the card reader, severely, so perhaps they crossed and shorted each other in some way causing other errors. I put in a known working card reader and now I am getting the error code.

Northridge fix online saw this error and said it is related to the M92. Is that usually the case? Sure enough he replaced the M92 and boom it worked but I only have one left at the moment so was hoping for some confirmation before jumping right into it.

Update: When I inspected the switch closer I saw that the plastic ribbon cable connector for the card reader had 2 pins that were bent and touching. I pushed the pins back into place and the error went away but still would not read a card. I ended up replacing the plastic connector and now the switch is working.