Error Code 2162-002

I thought it might be a good idea to add some error codes and fixes for people to try themselves if they have a similar problem.

to start off with error code 2162-0002 was fixed by replacing the game slot/digitiser board.

Last time i got this, it was because game card slot wasn’t properly connected to the board…

Hey, I’m a beginner. Please correct me if I’m saying something wrong.

So yeah, I have the same problem but I don’t have much luck trying this solution, Still got the error. I tried replacing the game card slot and the digitizer itself.

I test for short around the IC chip, Video chip, and the chip near the battery (don’t know the name) and didn’t find one.

I saw a video on youtube, a chinese repairman having the same error code. His device got a short near the IC chip so he replaced it and the error is gone. Here’s the video: youtu*be/pw7L7Uaoj9w

But I don’t have that short on my motherboard so I’m still hesitating to replace the IC chip. Does anyone have the same problem?

How do you check that it is properly connected?

Sorry for the very basic question, I’m still learning.