Error code 2168-0002

I have someone asking about an error code 2168-0002 and was wondering if anyone had any insight too it? I’m off to search the internet for what others have said but wanted to check in here first and don’t see any current topics on it.

It will likely need repairs

I do repairs from home on electronics. I haven’t gotten to work on this issue before so I was seeking out possible issues. The person ended up selling it so I never got to take a look but my digging brought up two possible issues, either the system software is partially corrupted and it needs to be reinstalled or the SD card reader isn’t reading correctly.

Hi, I’ve recently encountered this error on a V2 Mariko unit (OS
I believe it’s actually related to the WiFi circuit/software.
In my case, I was presented with the error code when I performed a factory reset after updating to I proceeded through the initial setup, until I got to the WiFi section, I skipped connecting to my network, then proceeded through the setup. When I got to the point of creating a user, the console gave me the error.
I then rebooted, and had to go through the initial setup again, this time I connected to my WiFi network and was able to complete the setup.
I then deleted my WiFi connection as a test, and the error popped up again shortly after.

Reconnecting to the WiFi, seems to stop the error occurring (in my case anyway).
Also if I have no WiFi profile setup, but the console in flight mode the error doesn’t occur.

Hopefully this info is of use…