Error Code ce-36329-3


Testing a PS4 Slim. It boots, I can set up the console and hit the menu.

I install a game and it gets about 1/3 of the way and crashes. After the first crash, it crashes sooner the 2nd time and then I can basically only get to safe mode and it crashes during any function I try there.

I’ve tried two power supplies, two hard drives, reinitialize, reinstall system software, rebuilding the data base, installing a different game but the symptoms are identical.

I don’t know much about the history. I bought it from a guy, he said it just started shutting off on him so they bought a new one.

I’ve cleaned the console top to bottom. Has thermal paste and all thermal pads. Nothing looked out of the ordinary on the MB.

I’m stumped and it’s driving me mad lol

Anything would help greatly!


Have you tried placing nylon washers under the bottom heat sink clamp?

Sounds like the APU is having issues when it heats up. This could temporarily fixed by the washers causing a tighter connection between the APU and heat sink. It could also cause a tighter mechanical connection between the APU and motherboard.

Steve has a video on youtube about this. He also has a kit that they sell on the web store.

If it does work, there is no way of knowing how long it will continue to work because the issue could be an internal or external connection coming loose as the APU heats up. But the nylon washers are not that expensive and could be worth a try.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response!

I thought the washer trick didn’t work for the Slim models?

I just went to the TronicsFix store to check on the washer kit and you are correct. The kit on sale says that it will not work for the Slim.

Sorry about the error on my part.

I still think the issue is APU heat causing you problems.

One way to verify that would be to blow a lot more air on the heat sink using a blow dryer on cool (or cold spray), to see if you can get it to last longer than it goes now. The idea here is to get the problem to move.

That would show that the error is caused by heat. If that is so, then you are probably hosed. A reball by a professional might work, but that again would probably be temporary.

If it the upgrade does not get further along, then the problem is probably elsewhere.

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That’s a good idea! Thanks a lot for taking the time.

@Evan i m having issues similar to you, however there are some differences.
check this out tronicsfixforum(.com)/t/ce-36329-3-error-possible-apu-issue and do tell if u managed to fix urs.