Error code E100 00000703 80910008

I finaly get my XSX running again after replacing a defect power stage ics M86965 and a bent ribbon cable connector for Eject/Power/LED.

On the home screen I wanted to start a game and a update-is-required massage popped up. And now the XSX is in a update bootloop. :face_vomiting:

I checked the infos about E100 at the One S/X and I m curious to know, if someone can tell me where to look closely if the E100 00000703 80910008 is shown.

If I disconnect the datacable from the blueray drive the error code changes to E100 00000703 80910002

I checked the update log files from the ssd and it seems that the blu ray drive doesn’t belong to this XSX.

ODDFW update sequence: 59.
FOUND DeviceInstance AHCI\Port\0
Got PDO: \Device\0000001b
Drive type detected: Monterey.
Drive is Locked!
Nvkey is Programmed!
Expected firmare version:014R
Running firmware version:014R
Already running expected firmware, skipping ODD update
Update is not neccessary.
Not Elk drive, no lock down is needed.
--> Auth IOCTL 000240C4 failed, error = e0e80085 <--
IOddDriverApi::DriveAuthPowerOn failed
ODDFW update failed, hr = 80910008, retry again in two seconds.