Error when booting up the switch 2101-0001

Hey just wanted to see if anyone knew what to look for with this issue. I have seen it from DRAM to the M92T36. The switch wouldn’t turn on even on the charger, I put it a spare battery and when loading up I received the error. Instantly and couldn’t get passed it. Any insight would be great!

I fixed this with some combination of replacing the M92 and reflowing the DRAM.

I had it multiple times, always had to do with badly solder joints on/ or faulty m92 chip. Always solved it by reworking or replacing the chip.

@Ratamacue hi. I’m working on my switch lite, and it is giving this same error. I was wondering if this is the same component on the switch lite (m92)?

The way it occurred was strange, in my opinion. I was playing Pokémon sword, and low battery warning popped up at 15%. I plugged in and kept playing. The critical battery warning popped up and I saw it was at 3% when I took a look at it.

I checked my charger and made sure it Worked by plugging it into my son’s switch.

Went back to my lite and saved the game, and before I could exit the game, the system abruptly lost power.

Disassembled and connected a charged battery from my son’s switch, but got error 2101-0001.

Any help greatly appreciated!!!

Same on switch lite, replace M92T36. Check the port for damaged pins, otherwise you’ll blow the chip again.