Every time I insert an SD card the screen goes black until I remove it again

I was downloading games from the eshop overnight because slow internet and when I woke up my Switch had a black screen (backlight ON). After trying to figure out what was happening I discovered that removing the SD card causes the screen to come back to life.

What could be causing this? I have tried different SD cards. And the SD card that was in there anyway is a legit Sandisk one from Amazon. It works fine in other consoles too.

There is a short on the larger capacitor above the SD card slot on the board but I don’t know what could cause that. The SD card slot is also in good condition and I have used contact cleaner and checked for bent pins / dirt. It looks as good as it can get.

Anyone had this before? Switch lite, works without SD card but black screen with backlight a few seconds after inserting SD card. Thanks

If anyone comes across this googling the same issue, the problem was the larger filtering capacitor above the SD card slot. It’s a 0402 4.7uF 10v rated capacitor. I replaced that and it’s been working no problem for 5 days now.

If you have an old smartphone or something you can just use a hot air station to start removing all the 0402 sized caps and test them with multimeter on capacitance mode after removing the caps and find one that measures around 4.7 uF (plus or minus 10%. So for example one that measures 5 uF is within range of the 4.7 uF rating)