Everything is wrong with my new nintendo switch (error 2101 and 2002)

Hi Everyone, I got a new nintendo switch for my birthday and after using it for a short time the following problems appeared:

  • the fan started blowing at maximum
  • the sound started to disappear
  • bluetooth does not work
  • error 2101-0001 and 2002-2629 popped up randomly
  • the touch screen stopped working
  • charging is ok about 9w
    now the switch is stuck on error 2101 or 2002 with the game card inserted, it does not boot into the system at all

I did a couple of measurements and didn’t find any short, I replaced the fan and the M92T36 chip… it didn’t help
Thank you for your help

This error mostly indicates a problem with the usb c port or the m92t36. Maybe there are bend pins in the port or something shorting some lines.

I would check for shorts at the testpoints:

Hi Calvin,
no shorts between this pads, i measured the continuity too, everything looks fine, usb c port is like new. (I’ve only been using this console for about 14 days)
Thank you for your help

Hi, I solved my error 2101 problem by replacing the pi3usb chip, but now my switch has no sound from the speakers (BT headphones and TV dock sound does) and when I put the game card in the switch I get error 2002-2629.

and one more thing, pressing the + or - button automatically lowers the sound all the way down.
thank you for help

I had two times an error 2002-2629 at different Switches while inserting a gamecard. Both times the issue was solved by updating the console. My guess there was a missmatch between the firmware on Switch and gamecard reader.