Experience with thermal pads for older consoles

So i need to open up my OG xbox and i figured i might as well repaste it. however i thought to myself why not go with a thermal pad as that should last (hopefuilly) forever. but i cant find anyone else that has done this or any experience with similar consoles. so has anyone actually done this on a retro console and if yes what was the experience like and what should i look out for in regards to xbox and other consoles.

it’s just because the efficiency isn’t as good. I think tests have been done that show even a dried out paste outperforms pads.

Don’t see why you can’t use pads if you want, just look for the thinnest you can get (within reason), the thicker they are, the less efficient.

Recall, that the purpose of paste is only to fill in almost imperceptible machine marks on the heatsink / die Pads on the other hand are basically doing this and then some more on top which you can’t really get away from as there is always going to me a minimum thickness so it maintains it’s integrity (doesn’t just turn to dust when you clamp everything down)