Fail to init Emmc

Greetings to all
buy a used nintendo swith with the problem that does not turn on
I measured the capacitors and none are in short
load at 5 volts and 0.40 amps
I realized that it is only in rcm mode
in Hekate it shows “failt to init eemc”
any idea how to fix?
I use google translator, sorry

looks to me like the emmc is faulty and you can’t do much. Are you able to make a Nand backup or get the prod keys?

I would open it up and check for any damage or corrosion on the emmc or the connector to start with.

buy another broken nintendo switch with missing tegra processor capacitors
I changed the emmc of the first switch and recognized it with the hekate
I rebuilt the nand with files that I found on the internet and it already works, only now my console does not have a serial number and I cannot access the internet

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