Failed to init emmc


I have a switch that has a dead emmc module and was wondering what options I have?
The switch is unpatched and I am unable to dump any backups from the nand in hekate
I can dump the prod.keys etc

I have tried to reball the nand module with no success

Temporarily using a nand from another switch shows this switch would boot
(0.0a → 0.08a → 0.0a) whereas with the dead nand the switch sits at 0.08a


hekate has feature to test emmc. If it says emmc init failed, meaning your last hope is try using MMCBLK-NX to dump all partition

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any MMCBLK-NX devices in stock, guess I will look for something similar to attempt to dump the nand


I make no claims to the quality of this.

Ty sir,
I didn’t find this one when I searched ali, the V3 looks like the one i may get